Painted Goddess Healing Balm
Painted Goddess Healing Balm

Painted Goddess Healing Balm

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Painted Goddess Healing Balm is made for tattoo after-care. It is a light balm infused with herbs to encourage healing and reduce inflammation. {Follow care instructions given by your tattoo artist}

Painted Goddess is also made for healing minor scrapes and scars, and reducing the effects of minor skin ailments such as eczema and flaky/dry skin.   


Grapeseed Oil (Skin moisturizer; rich in polyphenols and antioxidants; excellent for skin healing.)

Organic Olive Oil  (Skin moisturizer; rich in antioxidants, skin healing, and anti-aging properties.) 

Organic Calendula Flowers  (Anti-inflammatory; healing; antimicrobial) 

Castor Seed Oil  (Moisturizer; fights infection)

Lanolin Oil  (Intensive moisturizer; water repellent)

Beeswax  (Skin softener, soother, and protector.) 

Vitamin E Oil  (Skin healer; antioxidant; protects skin from free-radicals.)

Lemon Oil  (Anti-microbial agent)

Helichrysum Oil  (Anti-microbial; anti-inflammatory; hemostatic)

Oregano Oil  (Anti-viral; anti-bacterial; anti-fungal; anti-parasitic; anti-inflammatory)  

2 oz container



"Healed my dry skin perfectly, especially on my legs and elbows; my skin is soft and supple now. Love the easy opening tin cover and the tin fits easily into my purse or my back jean pocket on the run. Appreciate the use of high quality of ingredients in the product as I am extremely sensitive due to hormones and sensitive/dry/combination skin. An overall healing and soothing balm for all skin types."

-Heather C., Amazon