Our Story

Hello Goddesses,

I created Nature Goddess for you out there who want to treat your body with the purest and most powerful of nature's ingredients. Every Nature Goddess product is hand-crafted in small batches for quality and freshness. All products are made with zero chemicals, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients. 

I always searched for the purest and the best in skin-care and hair-care. It was hard to find any products (that didn't cost a fortune) that were completely free of chemicals. Because of this, I started making my own. Using my knowledge of natural health, and after lots of testing and research, I was making products that were working better than anything I had found in the store! It is possible to use absolutely no artificial ingredients and still get great results! 

I also noticed that packaging for all natural products was usually pretty boring. I thought, "that's no fun!"  I want to feel something when I buy my skin care. So, I decided to combine my love for the making of natural skin care products, my education as an artist, and my passion for woman's empowerment to make Nature Goddess. I create original illustrations for each product - to not only make them beautiful but to reflect the thought and care that goes behind each product.

Lydia Spencer 
Owner and creator of Nature Goddess Skin Care


lydia spencer - nature goddess skincare